AH Thriving Translation Co. Ltd. is located in Yayuncun, Beijing. It is a professional translation company concerning foreign affairs registered formally in the industrial and commercial bureau in Beijing. It is a specialized translation company which can deal with many languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese …) focusing on petroleum, chemical, geology, HSE, automobile, IT, steel and economic industries. AH Thriving has a professional staff being composed of the qualified translation experts and scholars for different languages in different industries at home and abroad from UK, Canada, USA, HK and famous universities in China; it has employed a group of competent translators, engineers and technical consultants from several large oil fields, coal mines, IT, automobile and economic industries to ensure the translation quality and depth of our professional translators; in addition, in order to provide our clients with a quick high-efficiency translation services, we have established our translation teams in Peking University, Tsing University and China University of Petroleum. Today, AH Thriving has established a wide business cooperation relation with the three giant petroleum in China – CNPC, SinoPec and CNOOC as well as the international petroleum companies and chemical enterprises including BP, ExxonMobil, SHELL, TOTAL and JNOC.

AH Thriving believes that excellent service to our clients is AH Thriving’s real drive power. We will provide professional translation services quickly and efficiently in high quality to our internal and international customers in various industries in an honest and faithful manner.

Our Business Scope :

  • Delivering translation services;

    1. Written translation

    2. Oral interpretation

    3. Localization

    4. Graphic editing and processing

    5. English test and training

  • Consulting services in technical, economic and trade areas; meeting/exhibition services;
  • Organizing cultural and art exchange activities.


AH Thriving has a good occupational moral character and belief. We have been focusing on customer’s demands and undertaking confidentiality obligations and liabilities strictly for our clients to ensure the benefits of our client. We believe that we will be the most faithful and reliable link in your value chain.